Lose 7 Pounds in 10 days…without exercising!

With the New Year quickly approaching and our bellies full of Thanksgiving and Christmas Day dinners, we find ourselves trying to squeeze into those New Year celebration outfits. Either that or we just feel completely bloated and full. No matter what your goal or reasoning may be, here is a fast, easy and HEALTHY way to shed a few pounds in 10 days.


Start the morning off right with a cup of hot water infused with lemon and ginger. This is an extremely cleansing drink that will give your liver a boost and calm the digestive track. Aside from the cleansing benefits of this drink, ginger itself is an INCREDIBLE plant that can help relieve that which ails you. Check out this page for a list of ailments ginger can help with.


For breakfast, having fruit can provide filling fiber, an adequate amount of vitamins and an abundance of protective plant chemicals. When combined with a source of protein, it ensures that the fructose (or “sugars”) in fruit are not absorbed too quickly into your bloodstream. This helps to curb some of those cravings we may get later in the morning. Mixed berries in yogurt with some oats or granola is the perfect combination to keep you going, fill your tummy and keep you healthy.


Snacks are also important! We need to up those calories so we don’t start feeling fatigued and irritable. You should have a small snack during the day of something that will provide a nice balance of protein, fats and carbs. This is why so many dietitians recommend mixed nuts!


Lunch is my favorite, and here is why: starch should ONLY be eaten at lunchtime. And I love all things starch…potatoes, bread, rice, pasta..you name it. A diet that includes too much in the way of starch can seriously hinder fat loss and weight loss, so ALWAYS remember portion control. For lunch, have a protein and fat-rich meal (which will receive a warm welcome from your body). Your body  will utilize the “sugars” in this meal as an energy boost, rather than storing them in your fat cells.


For dinner, veg it up! A protein-rich and vegetable heavy dinner will help to clear skin and reduce fat. You will go to bed feeling satisfied, but not STUFFED FULL with food that is difficult for your body to digest.


We’ve all heard it before, so I’m just going to say it again: drink lots and lots of water. STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY DRINKS…or all refined sugar for that matter. Good hydration is KEY to a successful fat loss routine. Some people say to drink a gallon of water a day, while others say to drink 67% of your weight in water (so if you weigh 175 pounds, you’d drink 117 ounces of water). I’m not here to tell you how much you should drink, but just be sure to drink it! Cut out all of those sugary and caffeinated beverages. If you are somebody who enjoys an alcoholic beverage, swap out those beers and wines for a clear liquor like Gin or Vodka-these liquors have way less sugar in them.

Following these simple steps will help you shed a few of those pounds in 10 days! It will also help with any bloating you may have been feeling since all of the delicious meals of the holidays.

Have a happy and safe New Year! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page. We are a new company, so still working on the construction of our site and page, but stick with us – I promise it will be worth it!



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